Welcome to Alabama Aircon Cleaning Services

Our team are professionally trained and use advanced technology to thoroughly clean your Air-conditioning units. We aim to provide a healthy lifestyle for everyone at home and your office.

Your air conditioning unit hides bacteria and mould which provides many symptoms towards an unhealthy environment. Symptoms include:

  • hay fever
  • fatigue
  • sore dry eyes
  • allergies
  • headaches
  • asthma attacks

A dirty unit will increase your power costs and reduce the life span of the unit.

To gain a healthier air flow it is not just a simple clean of the filters. With our environmentally safe chemicals and advanced cleaning techniques we will remove the bacteria and mould from the entire air conditioning unit.

  • Have you wondered why your unit is noisy? The mould build up will cause an imbalance to your unit creating the fan barrel to swing out of unison and create an annoying sound.  
  • Do you want a longer life span of your air conditioner and reduce energy costs. Improve air flow and breathe healthier air.

Then call Alabama Aircon Cleaning Services where we want people to live a life without germs and to be able to breathe healthier air. We want everyone singing Sweet Home Alabama.